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  1. Top prop firms like SAC hire based on your track record, so what would you determine is an acceptable trading track record? Is it how much capital you have at risk or your returns and how consistent it is?

    For example, would they be impressed by a trader that had a $1M account and earned 20 pct. a year or someone with $50k who took it to $250K in a year?
  2. your statistics are more important than your %. IE, what was your Sharpe, Profit Factor, max DD, etc. etc. How many trades and how long was your track record? Things like this.
  3. At the end of the year, you fill out a Schedule D, right? If the bottom line is a positive number, you had a profitable year! Easy!
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    I like to go monthly and have at least 10 months of profitable trades in 12 months. I don't like 11 months of loss and one month of profit that is higher than the other 11 months altogether.
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    why not to ask them?
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    Why not skip the BS and just trade for yourself?