Defense Stocks . . .

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Landis82, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. Going BALLISTIC!!!

    NOC, LMT, GD, and LLL.

  2. Sector moving up once again in anticipation of the $162 BILLION SUPPLEMENTAL being passed in the Senate, after last week's passage in the House.

  3. Please tell me you're not "long & wrong" those stocks for the past 6 months! :eek:
  4. Going up before the attack on Iran
  5. If it turns out to be a 1-day "conflict", be prepared to sell. :cool:
  6. Nope.
    Long and RIGHT for the past 8 years.
    But "thank you" for your concern.
  7. piezoe


    Well that 8 year period is about to draw to a close come January. It will be an "end of an error" [spelling intentional]. Trade them, but don't let those "trades" become long term investments. :D