Defending your home against 4 burglars is a crime in "Great" Britain.

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  1. 2 September 2012

    Householder arrested after suspected burglars shot
    A householder and his wife have been arrested in Leicestershire after two suspected burglars were hit with shotgun pellets.

    The wounded men and two others have also been arrested.

    Police said they were alerted by the householder, who said a group of men had broken into his home in Welby, Melton Mowbray, and that he had fired a legally held shotgun.

    One of the suspected raiders called an ambulance. Another went to hospital.

    Their injuries are not regarded as life-threatening, police said.

    Officers said a man aged 35 and his wife aged 43 had been arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm.

    Four men aged 27, 23, 31 and 33 were arrested on suspicion of aggravated burglary.

    A statement from Leicestershire Police said: "Police were called at 12.26am this morning by a man reporting a group of men had broken into his home in Melton.

    "The man stated that during the course of the incident he had fired a legally held shotgun and the intruders had left the scene.

    "Around five minutes later the ambulance service called to tell us they had been called to a man with injuries consistent with shotgun injuries.

    "A second man presented at Leicester Royal Infirmary with similar injuries."

    Arrested for defending his home, for "causing grevious bodily harm". :confused:
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    It's the dumb fuck bleeding heart flaming liberal way. Logic be damned.
  3. Under British law you have a "duty to retreat"... learned from the French, no doubt.
  4. Eight


    next time the householder should tickle them until they give up and ask to be arrested...
  5. Somehow doubt our ghoul is gonna chime in on this one, unless this is one of those so called 50% tax benefits he was bragging about earlier.

    Imagine how stupid you would feel if you had to pay 50% of your income to stupid fvckers like this, and THIS is the service of protection(newspeak) you get.
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    that just boggles the mind.... doesn't the government then have some sort of duty to make you safe?
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    Jerry Sandusky?
  8. pspr


    I wonder where you are supposed to retreat to if you are already in your own home.

    With thinking like this is there any question why America is (was) an economic super power vs. Europe? Soon, under Obama's America, we will be in the same condition.
  9. obviously the storm shelter or some closet/pantry.
    If you have an apartment that would be your master bathroom.
  10. Isn't that the argument for all of the wars we're involved in?
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