Defective Pixels - How many do you find?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by TGregg, Jan 25, 2003.

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    In my continuing struggle to spend 5 grand on snazzy new LCDs (funny how it's easier to short 10 ES than buy 6 new monitors), I have one last and final question. How many bad pixels do you find on an average, high end LCD?

    See, I can buy them locally for about $200 more, vs. OL. Please don't get into discussions about Best Buy and pricematching, just assume for the purposes of this question that this fact is absolute. I don't mind doing a few trips back to the store, and being a major PITA to the managers to get 6 perfect monitors (unless it's virtually impossible), so if say half the LCDs have bad pixels, I'd rather just buy local so I can avoid all the returns by mail (and paid for by me).

    On the other hand, if the bad pixel rate is something like 10% (meaning 10% of LCD monitors have one or more defective pixel), then I'd probably only get one bad monitor OL, so that wouldn't be too bad to ship back and get a new one.
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    I own 4 Samsung 181Ts.

    ZERO dead or stuck pixels on any of them.

    They are the best LCDs on the market for trading, the super thin bezel makes them perfect for a Quad Ergotron. Every market move is caught in my peripheral vision. There is no wasted space.

    100% satisfied.

    Good luck TGregg.

    -- Z
  4. I checked with 2 gurus and both said 0 also. Let me interject a quick thought here for Zuico & anyone else can jump in. For LCD's if you were going to mount them together or simply side by side in tight formation, is 15" viewable doable?? 17" or greater would seemingly make my eyes bug out. Not sure as I am also undergoing the transition from CRT to LCD. Any feedback greatly appreciated on what kind of measurements and/or structure works best for you.................
  5. I would be curious to hear your stance if you were going to get any "replacement" insurance on your LCD's at the retail store level. Also be sure to let me know what you end up with or what you are presently considering -vendor/make, etc.Also how about measurements?? 15" viewable, etc.
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    I have a 15" and a 18" with no dead pixels. I have a 2 1/2 year old laptop that has one pixel that is always green as of about two months ago. Do most warrantees cover dead pixels, or is a certain number considered acceptable?
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    I have 5, 19" monitors, side by side. 2 for trading, data, Hee-Haw, inet, etc. 3 for charts... keeping track of the major indices + a couple of time frames on the SP. I only trade the ES, Big SP, and sector mutual funds... but I like the visual impact of larger charts.

    I guess I'd have 25 inchers if I had the space for them. :cool:
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    I wish I could attach a file to show my set-up, but the file is too big and isn't being accepted.

    Anyway, for visual purposes here is the stand that I use...

    The 4 Samsungs I have are 18.1 inches viewable. When I stack them in a Quad configuration, the total length is 31" the total height is 25"

    So total dimensions...31"L X 25"H.... Which is key as the configuration is almost square in shape, so visually it is very easy to scan all data at once.

    I have the top 2 monitors angled slightly down and the bottom 2 monitors angled slightly up, this also makes things easy on the eyes. Better than 1 large totally flat plasma screen, in my opinion, I experimented with that option as well.

    The key is the super thin bezel on the samsungs, when the 2 bezels (of the 2 monitors) are side by side... the bezels are 1.5" thick combined. So there is minimal wastage of viewing space.

    If you are going to invest in a rig like this I highly recommend going with the Samsungs... they have 2 sizes currently 18.1 and 19 inches.

    Again, I am not 100% satisfied very often, but I must say that I am with this configuration. Its freakin perfect!! A worthwhile investment for the professional trader.


    -- Z
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    Well, I am only considering the Samsung 191Ts at this point, unless the next gen come out over the weekend :D. My favorite plan would be to pricematch these monitors through Best Buy, but there are only 3 in stock at all the Best Buys in Charlotte :(. So, I'm still working the angles. I cannot believe how friggen hard it is to spend 5 grand when I buy and sell many times that amount in ES every stinken day. If I am ever bored silly and filthy rich, I won't be writing a book on how to daytrade, I'll be writing a book on how to run the daytrading business and focus on all the other crap.

    Anyway, my replacement insurance was to use BB and their 14 day satisfaction guarantee. Now my plan is to drive across town (just found out the nearby store is closing up shop) to talk to the manager and see if I can make a deal for half a dozen units at $790 plus tax. I'll let ya know how it goes, planning to try this tomorrow morning. If I can't make the deal, I'll buy the three in Charlotte (using pricematching), then buy three more OL.
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    Thanks Zuizo.
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