def, where TMBR at?

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  1. Would you happen to know where the persons who make the TMBR quotes for GE, GM, KO, MCD, etc. are physically located? Or is it just a big computer program?
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    Don't ask too many questions, Lobster.

    DEF is actually a computer program.

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    Hal 2000 is located in Greenwhich CT.

    We obviously have people on our trade desk monitoring things. We are also willing to make tight markets for large option blocks in the ETF's and other markets. If interested in trading larger option blocks (you don't have to be an IB customer), contact me and I'll give you further details.
  4. I see. Thank you for the information, def!
  5. Does Timber Hill also make markets on index options for Borsa Italia (IDEM, Options on MIB30) ? Seems to be new that you offer this market to retail clients. I discovered it about 2 weeks ago. :)
  6. there's a bunch of gnomes hidden in a cave somewhere outside of connecticut...:D
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  8. determine if the NBBO is TMBR or NYSE specialist ?

    I have no clue ...

    is there a way to know before sending in a limit order
    to buy or sell using smart ex ?

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    I always put the NYSE line right below the SMART line.
  10. and I still have no clue ....

    many times TMBR 's quote is same as specialist

    or if it is just TMBR ... it looks on my TWS as if it is specialist

    until I execute and see its TMBR
    it does show up on my Time and Sales as NASD and non NYSE execution
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