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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by tampa, Mar 5, 2002.

  1. tampa


    Well Baron, it would seem as though you have alienated many of the members. Presumably any number of your advertisers have also become unhappy.

    We all are waiting to see who means more to you.
  2. GeeTO69


    I don't think baron has alienated more than a few bleeding heart radicals. What do you think?

    Let's see who is right.....

    Make a post here....


    MY answer...

    Baron has NOT alienated me! Everything considered, Baron is doing a fine job with ET.

    Make YOUR post now.....
  3. Commisso

    Commisso Guest

    Baron I dont want to jump in here with this reciculous whining...

    BUT i thought this would be good time to tell you that i love the job you do here and the site...

    KEEP up the good work and THANKYOU

    PEACE and good trading,
  4. Baron is an OK guy. He thinks I have it out for him, but I am just anti-Terranova/Nassar.

    If he would JUST STOP DELETING POSTS that are honest criticism of TN and Nassar, then I would have no problems. Let it be a free forum in which readers may choose to believe whomever they wish.
  5. def1


    hopefully we can put an end to this. I may not agree with how things were handled but baron has a right to do what he has done.

    in the end, look at the number of new threads with simple questions or statements that could easily join another thread. A plea was made by Baron last November? and it did not help. This is not an IB help desk (and shouldn't be a whipping board as well every time a minor glitch arises). I have no desire nor the time to be a surrogate for the help desk. If we work together we can find a common ground and an amenable solution. Think twice before making a new thread. Ask basic questions to the help desk. If not satisfied with the answer, forward it to me.

    BTW, i have made a proposal for advertising to the chairman and we will probably go ahead and do something. Keep in mind that I never intended to be a company spokesperson and hopefully if we advertise I'll be able to maintain a degree of independence.
  6. def - that sounds great. It's a very reasonable approach.

    Wirelessbull3 :D
  7. Thug life,

    Why exactly are you anti -Terra Nova and where do you clear now?
  8. I guess, based upon recent censorship, that I am not allowed to answer you. The post would just disappear.

    It is not a clearing thing, though.