DEF - IB should use Susquehanna as Bullet firm

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by nitro, Sep 22, 2002.

  1. nitro



    I have heard that Susquehanna has the fastest bullets in the industry - I just thought that I would share that with IB as they search for a bullet firm.

  2. def

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    I highly doubt IB would ever consider using any firm besides Timber Hill for bullets. Come to think of it, if we were ever to decide to offer them I'd be willing to bet the ranch the speed would be second to none.

    With that said, a proposal has been made in regards to offering them. I do not know the time plan.
  3. InyOutty


    We use tera term for our bullets and it's quick. You type in the symbol and number of shares, hit <Enter> and you're up instantly (i.e. < 1 second). How much faster can it get than that?
  4. echo


    Tera Term is a telnet terminal application. You are connecting to some firms computer via Telnet or SSH.
  5. InyOutty


    Right, but is there a faster way than this? Like I said, the fills are instantaneous.
  6. echo


    The speed of the fills isn't really related to the communications protocol (unless you are talking about using a telephone and your voice). You could use Tera Term and have really slow fills if the company that was providing the bullets wasn't fast themselves. That's all I'm saying.
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  8. def

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    the reason i'd say speed would be second to none as it would be comparable to the TMBR routing speed for NYSE stocks as it would be all internal to our network. thus if IB got into the bullet business, it would probably deliver them to its clients in under 10 milliseconds. Nevertheless, for bullets I'd guess anything under a second probably wouldn't make a difference to ones trading.
  9. yep ........much

    Used to use Terra Term and do just like you described

    about 15 seconds to a over minute if no stock available in bullet firm inventory

    with how Hammer has it set up

    less than 2 seconds.

    That's an edge.