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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Merkur, Jan 16, 2002.

  1. def

    def Sponsor

    sending you a PM (basically asking if I can get an example of the code to pass to a programmer)
    #21     Feb 7, 2002
  2. Merkur



    I used only the "add" button too.

    I emailed a detailed example to tac@interactivebrokers.com a week ago, but no answer up to now.

    And the main thing I am disappointed now:

    IB releases the active-x control, which could solve the problem, but the sample spreadsheet for this does not contain the conditional-orders page anymore. Why that?

    #22     Feb 8, 2002
  3. Volunteer


    What's the benefit of using Excel/ActiveX vs. Excel/DDE?
    #23     Feb 8, 2002
  4. def

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    the others can answer better than me but from what i understand DDE from microsoft has stability issues and is no longer upgraded or supported by msft. ActiveX replaced DDE and is more stable and reliable.
    #24     Feb 8, 2002
  5. flavia999


    Did anybody got an answer from IB concerning these multiple triggered conditional orders in Excel?
    #25     Feb 20, 2002
  6. def

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    there was a bug that occured when programmer A's code met with programmer B's. I think the latest release should solve the problem.
    #26     Feb 20, 2002
  7. Merkur


    I am sorry def, but the problem is still not solved. I have tested it some minutes ago again with the newest TWS (753.4) and the actual Sample- Spreadsheet for DDE.

    And the funny thing is: In the sample-spreadsheet for active-x there is no more a page for conditional orders. Is this the way of IB to eliminate problems?

    #27     Feb 20, 2002
  8. Merkur


    I deleted the excel folder and took the install file for active-x, dde etc.(not the upgrade-file).

    Now I have a new spreadsheet for DDE, and this one finally works, great! So the problem of multiple orders is really solved, I can't believe. ;)

    Thx Def for your support.

    #28     Feb 20, 2002
  9. flavia999


    great job :)
    #29     Feb 20, 2002
  10. def

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    a convenient way to solve a problem, don't give us any ideas:D
    #30     Feb 20, 2002