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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Merkur, Jan 16, 2002.

  1. Merkur


    @ Def and all others who use the excel integration.

    If I prepared a conditional order for the NQ and the condition is met, then is not only one order transmitted, in the TWS are then 10-16 orders appearing and being transmitted.

    I tryed this only with the Futures demo, should not make a difference.

    Normal transmitting of an order thru excel works fine.

    Can anyone help? Does anyone already use these conditionally orders?

  2. Merkur


    Addition: I am using the newest TWS(748.7) and the newest DDE.dll and Office XP.

  3. def

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    i'm sorry but I don't understand the question.
  4. Merkur


    Ok, perhaps it is my bad english :)

    Look, with the excel spreadsheet you can create conditional orders. So, for example, If a limit buy order is executed, an sell limit order with a stop loss or a profit should be transmitted.

    So, but: In my case, if a condition for such an order is met, then not only one order is sent, then is 10-16x the same order sent to the TWS and to the exchange. So there are then 10 and more of the same order transmitted to the exchange, I have then 10 open orders, you understand?

    Is Nobody here using conditional orders? Did someone tested this?

  5. def

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    i haven't tried the excel but are you using a macro supplied by IB? In any event, I'll forward your question to someone internally who hopefully assist.
  6. Merkur


    Hello Def,

    yes I am using the original Sample-Spreadsheet of IB from the IB-Homepage.


    In this spreadsheet are 3 tables, and one of them is explicit for conditional orders. I have read the instructions in the online user guide and all works fine with the excel integration with this spreadsheet. For example manuell transmitting of an order works fine.

    The only problem is what I tried to explain. If the condition of an conditional order is met, then there are 10 or up to 16 orders of the same at one time transmitted, instead of only one.

    Is nobody here, who can say, "yes, conditional orders work fine here, with no problems"?

    One time more, thanks for your support Def.


    p.s. I have emailed the problem to the helpdesk (Topic: Excel, conditional orders). No answer up to now.
  7. Merkur


    I have just emailed with a trader-friend, he has exactly the same problem. Using the IB sample spreadsheet and Excel XP (german).
  8. allesim



    Yes I am also experiencing that, when the condition (statement) is met (becomes true) 5 or more orders are issued, on my futures account!
    it's dramatic, since I am using a real TWS, not demo

    See below my reply to ibtech

    Hi Steve

    First of all DDE Excel is a very great tool: IB you are really going to be nr 1 broker, no doubt

    I have 7 suggestions/questions which I suggest you to forward to the DDE programmer.

    In order for a trailing-stop to work, a live stop order must first be issued, then you can modify it with a trailing stop. This is not mentioned in the online manual.

    There is a big-bug in my opinion: when the statement field (in the conditional order) comes true (from normal FALSE condition), it modifies the STP order, yes, but, (surprise), it ISSUES 5 STOP ORDERS IN A RAW?!?

    (5? I guess because my Futures Limit Account is 5 contracts...)

    Please can you verify this last point? Since it’s dramatic...


    it would be nice to have the chance to push a button, before activate the trailing condition: in fact if you complete writing all the cells, the trailing is activated wihout notice!

    If statement is False,
    if you use MOD in the ADD/MOD cell,
    if my STOP order is not online (in order page)
    the line containing the trailing order is auto-reset, few secs after you typed the trailing order: it cannot remain live.

    I guess this is a bug

    My dream:
    This is my dream: I would like to:
    a. place a stop order to buy ES H2 at the price I wish (say it’s trading at 1130 and I wish to buy it at 1135, just over yesterday’s resistance)

    b. Place a SELL Trailing stop with 2 as trailing value, even before entering my position, e.g before the STOP order executes.

    This 2 steps would completely automate my trade: out of psychological drawbacks, it would be wonderful!

    Are the following sentences correct:
    a. For Futures (CME-Emini, CBOT eurodollar, etc) IB uses the same STOP ORDER Policy of Nasdaq, (Bid is monitored for Sell STOP Orders, The AUX price must print twice at bid, for the order to be routed) not NYSE policy (last trade is monitored)

    b. Spike filtering is guaranteed by IB Policy to let BID print twice before entering the STOP order.

    c. Or we can use STOP limit to further protect against Spike/out-of-market trades

    Can you ask the programmer to add the OCA field in DDE Excel?: so if I place multiple orders one can cancel all

  9. def

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    i've forwarded the info along but haven't heard anything back yet. I assume if they can replicate what you are doing, it will be fixed shortly.

    as for the other dde request, i passed them along too - no promises
  10. allesim



    if it matters I just wish to add that I am using WindowsXP OfficeXP (Excel)
    This “strange multiple” triggered STOP orders, (linked to trailing orders) I experienced with "downloadable TWS + DDE"
    I did not try "WEB-Based TWS + DDE"

    I cannot figure out if possible, using trailing stops, to modify a LIMIT stop order (not just a STOP order)
    In my opinion, currently it's not possible, unless you "link" the trailing stop" to the LIMIT value.
    I wish I coiuld have comments...

    Thanks Def for your kind support
    Thanks IB for you efforts to constanly improve
    #10     Jan 21, 2002