Def(IB) - do you have phone back-up ?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by andrasnm, May 15, 2001.

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    Here's the policy as posted on the web site:

    FAQ: Do you have a facility to accept phone orders?

    Yes. In order to keep our costs low for our Customers, IB strongly discourages Customers from using IB's Telephone Backup Trade Desk to execute orders. Nonetheless, in the event of exigent circumstances under which Customer is unable to connect to our network and place trades using Customer's Trader Workstation (for example, if Customer must close a position) the customer may call the IB help desk and request that IB's backup trade desk execute the order. The customer will be administered a $30 surcharge for each order routed through the backup trade desk. This surcharge is in addition to regular IB commissions. Please note that the backup trade desk is only able to route market and marketable limit orders. Under no circumstances will the back up trade desk execute a good until canceled (GTC) order.
  3. ok, so in the order entry can one enter sell or buy stops
    at the same time when entering the position ??? It would
    give a person some piece of mind....
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    I don't think you can place them at the same time from one window. However, there is nothing stopping you from entering them one after another. You can also flag orders as OCA (one cancels all).