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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by stevene9, Sep 7, 2001.

  1. I have a continuing problem with my futures accounts with IB. Several times a day after I do a trade it either does not record on my execution
    screen and/or does not record on my account balance screen. I am continously having to close the program and open it up again to find out if I really did the trade. This is causing a real problem as it wastes a minute before I know if my trade was really executed and at what price. I cannot trade while I close the program and start it and log in again. This does not just happen once in a while, but happens just about every day, and often several times a day. It never happens in either of my stock accounts, but happens in both of my futures' accounts. This is becoming a real problem. Can anything be done?
  2. I have been having similar problems. Sometimes the execution window or account window does not update. Closing and restarting TWS fixes the problem.
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    perhaps this could be a problem with the latest release. I passed the info to the head of programming.
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    I hope your problems are resolved, but this is the MAIN reason why we wnet and launched: for clients who deal mainly with futures and daytrading including the single stock futures
  5. This is scary!

    I plan to trade Naz emini with IB and hold most of my trades for less than 5 minutes, there is no way I can do that if this kind of problem happens even occasionaly. Especially since the TWS (at least for stocks ) take about 2-3 minutes to connect!! I hope this is going to be fixed ASAP.
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    I don't mean to be an alarmist, I love IB. I have two futures accounts, and again today I had to restart them several times to get updated screens. I would say that the problem of not updating occurs about 60% of the time. I hope they can work it out, because if it continues much longer I will have to leave IB. I have 2 stock accounts, and it has never occurred with them, so it is definitely a futures problem.
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    stevenb et al,

    I rec'd word from programming that the problem you had was fixed. If you still have it, could you send me the version number of the TWS that you are using?
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    My build is 707,2001/8/02 10:30

    Up until yesterday, mu update said I was running the most recent version. I just checked and see there is a new version. I will try it and see if it helps.
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    the latest version is 712a which should solve the problem. May be too late to tell now but version 707c was supposed to have a fix as well. Did you happen to notice if there was a letter after the 707 when you looked earlier?