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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by taodr, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. taodr


    Def. Can't you persuade IB to install the active Dow, nasdaq and S&p numbers in the top right hand corner of tool bar. It would be handier than looking at another screen.
  2. sammybea


    personally wouldn't like that.. too much noise considering i have a seperate chart system. If they do it, let us have the option to remove it.
  3. you can put the cash DOW < SPX < NDX

    anywhere you want in your trading page

    oh ... you want a separate little box ...:)
  4. taodr


    Damn right I want it in the right hand corner.
  5. you know, this is something i've been thinking about for a long time...

    what if you could put any market data line in a corner, or anywhere else??

    what if you could click on a market data line in TWS, and move it out of TWS and superimpose it anywhere you want on your monitor??

    say you're trading citigroup as well as the ES. you have your citigroup stuff on monitor #1, and your ES stuff on monitor #2. where do you put TWS? (somewhere in the middle, I suppose). BUT, what if you could put your citigroup market data line somewhere on your citigroup monitor, and your ES market data line somewhere else, and be able to generate orders right then and there, without having to go back to the TWS?

    this may or may not be a good idea, and i'm sure i'm not the first one who's thought of it...just an idea...
  6. white17


    Well while we are wishing..........I'd like to see a way to choose two or more positions and be able to "net" them in real time.

    Example: long stock, long put, short call or any other combination, and have a real time read out of P/L on that combo.
  7. taodr


    I use up to ten pages to follow different stocks. I might be following something on two or three pages. I want this info on the top right hand of these pages automatically. Is this not reasonable ?
  8. That is an excellent idea. Def, please look into this. Thanks.
  9. go to the IB website and send an email to management instead

    of using DEF's valuable time on this ?

  10. taodr


    WOW Seth, did I step on your corn ?
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