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  1. Sorry to have to ask a question like this in the forum, but I am kind of stuck. (and maybe your answer will help others..)

    A month or two ago I recieved an e-mail from IB asking:

    We would like to confirm that the deposit(s) you have made to your IRA account with Interactive Brokers contain the proper descriptions. To ensure that our tax reporting is correct, please send us an e-mail to if the following description of your IRA deposit is incorrect:

    IRA Account Type: TRADITIONAL
    Amount: $xxxxx.00
    IRA Deposit Type: New Contribution
    IRA Tax Year: 2001

    My IRA deposit type was NOT a new contribution, it was an IRA transfer, two very different cats. If IB told the IRS that I deposited that ammount as a new contrib, It'd be bad. I can imagine an infinite ammount of pain and suffering for me trying to sort it all out.

    My problem is this: I e-mailed help three times, on 7/3, 7/7, and 7/23. In each I explained the situation and asked them to respond, confirming that my account has the proper deposit type listed. I have not heard back from at all. for all I know, my e-mail messages have vanished into the ether.

    Who can I talk to in order to get this resolved before Jan 1, 2002???

    Thanks for your contribution to this board.

  2. def

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    could you do me a favor and send me an e-mail with your account number and I'll make sure someone follows up with you.
  3. Thinking about opening an IRA with IB, just curious what the outcome of this was?
  4. NKNY



    Quick question

    I was curious if IB is planning a more detailed portfolio tracking feature.
    Something that would show percentage and dollar gain/loss on individual trades and the total on the entire portfolio. Also a quick trade feature from the portfolio would be nice .


  5. jsmith


    That's hecka funny. It happened to me too.
    My money was stuck for a while until I called.

    I had to e-mail Lucy at Customer Support and write
    "Transfer, no year required" and I'm glad to say
    my funds were released.

    You must immediately e-mail IB when you do a transfer, else, it may take many days to get your money.

    Dear Customer,

    Please be advised that we have received your deposit however the funds are
    in suspense.
    Please provide us with the following information so we can credit the funds to
    your account..

    The name and IB account number the funds are to be credited to.
    The amount ,
    The name of the institution where the funds are coming from,
    The date the funds were sent,

    Thank you,

  6. Soon after I posted, Def responded and I gave him my e-mail and info. He said he would forward the info to the head of the help desk, and if that didn't resolve the problem he would do whatever was necessary.

    As of now (monday evening) I still have not heard from the help desk. There may be a legit reason that they have not responded to me, some crazy e-mail problem or maybe they are stumped and trying to figure it out themselves. I am sure it will be taken care of eventually.

    I would be really frustrated if not for Def's help. I bet they wish they could clone him :)
  7. def

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    your mail was forwarded to the head of the help desk who told me it was forwarded to one of the people handling IRA's. You should have had an answer today. I'll follow through.
  8. Just got an e-mail saying they have my deposit recorded as a transfer.

    Thanks Def!

    BTW, are you actually a customer service rep or do you have a different position, but are willing to help us out anyway?
  9. def

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    didn't see your response yesterday glad i was able to help.

    No, I'm not a customer service rep. I started at Timber Hill/IB in '85 and run Asian trading/operations. Somehow I got sucked into this message board. I really believe in what we offer and enjoy helping people. I also appreciate that comments on this board have led to improvements to the system and keep me in touch with the US markets.