Deere & Co... what gives?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by The newb, Nov 25, 2009.

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    The newb

    So Deere & Co reported abysmal earnings today and no positive news to look forward to and yet this stock was skyrocketing up today. Do you have nay ideas on what stands behind this bizarre move?
  2. cuz nothin runs like a Deere...duh! :D :D

    when in doubt...ask a smartass guy from the ag pits...
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    screw de you can ask the same thing for 1000's of stocks up 5-10 fold since march and the news sucks. look at cat. earnings and rev's down 50% and stock back to 2006 bubble highs. IT'S CALLED A MANIA
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  5. The dollar drops and Deere goes up.
  6. Up in anticipation of large order of manure spreaders.:cool:
  7. Prospectus should read like a Deere John letter.
  8. What goes up........
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    The best way to answer fundamental questions is to read their annual report. You can download those for free, and will normally answer your question. Sometimes earning's releases contain other information that institutional traders are listening for and reacting to, not just earnings misses or beats. You would also have to follow the company on a regular basis. Maybe, for example, something was feared and priced in, and during the earning's announcement those fears were put to rest. CAT missed but their future out look improved. Bad earnings and a bad future has already been priced in. But like I say, if you want to know, you should get the annual/ quarterly reports to understand the company and sector better.
  10. Hahaha.

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