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  1. Was in Upstate NY this weekend and came home and found an adult deer tick on my leg. Pulled it out fairly easily, it was flat and had not been there more than 12 hrs tops.

    Anyone have any advice on what to do with regards to infections (Lyme disease) and others? Supposedly most Lyme disease cases do not occur in ticks in their adult stage but regardless, am concerned.
  2. Young woman's obituary in the paper today that died of Lyme Disease. Said she suffered with it over long time. Must be tough to cure.
  3. See a doctor?. Hopefully you kept the tick? I would imagine they'd want to have a look at it.
  4. Yes, I pulled it out and put it in a Tupperware container. That sucker ain't getting out of there!


  5. It's certainly not something to take lightly that's for sure, which is why I decided to post this thread and see what ET thinks. I am sure someone out there has experience with tick bites.

    Am going to see a doctor asap, I guess that's probably the most I can do at this point.

  6. I had a tick on the side of my stomach this summer. I bought a tick puller and got the whole tick intact which I saved. You can check google images for signs and other symptoms. It took awhile to heal, actually it felt like something was still there but wasn't - wierd.

    Probably should see a DR, lyme is serious. I didn't have any symptoms of the disease so I never went to Dr.
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    Chances are there's nothing to worry about but check with your doc if it makes you feel better

    be sure and read the last sentence
  8. Back in Korea we had to cross many streams, and would take advantage of lakes and ponds when we needed to wash up. It was common to come out covered with leeches. Regarding your tick I had one last year that somehow got me in the ear. After pulling him off I put a hot cigar ash on his ass.

  9. Probably nothing to worry about (as the tic wasn't attached for more than 24 hours), but if you do have concerns, ask your doctor for a 20 day supply of (500 mg) Ceftin (cefuroxime axetil). Take one pill in the morning, and another at night. Take all the pills. You'll be good to go without any worries.

    That's 500mg twice a day for 20 days.


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