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  1. I've been reading many journals on ET for the past couple of years and found many people in the same boat as me and some of the threads are really useful. I've been learning to trade Forex for the last 4 years and gone through many account blowups. I've learn a lot and tuition had been high, but I still want to be good at trading.

    I'm starting this public journal in the hopes that I would have something that keep me in the reality and not bury my head in the sand every time I make some mistakes. Most of the time I feel embarrassed if someone would know about how badly i traded.

    I had traded mostly in the intraday time-frame and tried many methods over the years. I've tried MACD, RSI, stoch, fib, pivot points, bollinger band. Though longest I have stuck with testing a method non-stop was WoodieCCI. I have tested this method for a period of 3 months and beyond that I still monitor the indicator. I've also been testing the Turtle Rules for the last little while.

    Currently I have to get a full time job so I won't have time for day trading. I decided what I will do is use either WoodieCCi rules or Turtle rules for my signals for swing trades.

    My journal log will follow

    Good luck everybody!
  2. Date Type Market Price Reason Outcome P/L (pips)
    4/8/2010 Long GBP/JPY 142.729 Daily WoodieCCI almost confirm ZLR Closed at 143.624 89.5
    4/9/2010 Long USD/CAD 1.00449 Bad employment data TS at 1.00542 9.3
    4/9/2010 Short GBP/JPY 143.577 hourly woodieCCI 100 cross, tight stop closed at 143.58 -0.3
    4/9/2010 Long GBP/JPY 143.575 Daily WoodieCCI almost confirm ZLR closed at 143.738 16.3
    4/9/2010 Long EUR/USD 1.34187 EUR is stronger than GBP TS at 1.34325 13.8
    4/9/2010 Long EUR/USD 1.34945 Turtle rules, 20 day EMA cross, open

    I'm not posting the s/l, t/p or where I set the trail stop as it will make this table messier. Under outcome I would put TS meaning it was trail stopped at the price stated. P/L is in pips, negative is loss and positive is profit. With WoodieCCI sometime I would get in before the indicator confirms. With Turtle rules I try to follow it as closely as possible.
  3. 4/11/2010 Long EUR/CHF 1000 1.44152 Turtle rules, 20 day EMA cross closed 1.44266 11.4
    4/12/2010 Long USD/JPY 1000 93.487 WoodieCCI on hourly closed 93.526 3.9
    4/12/2010 Long EUR/CHF 1000 1.44063 Turtles rules 20 day still apply stopped 1.43909 -15.4
    4/12/2010 Long EUR/CHF 1000 1.43944 I think my last trade had stop too tight, try again stopped 1.43838 -10.6

    Still have my long EUR/USD from last friday, but trying to capitalize on the Euro news so I added the EUR/CHF. However once my stop was hit i should just wait at least a while before trying another trade. Also I shouldn't have expect EUR/CHF would have similar price action to EUR/USD.

    Currently my EUR/USD is at 96 pips profit.
  4. Deepgroove,
    Thanks for creating this log. Can you add some screen shots and is this sim or real money?
  5. Hi,

    I am trading real money, but not trading much money now. My focus is on logging my trades and making sure I adhere to my plan as close as possible. I also have to make sure I don't over leverage which usually mean margin call in the end. What kind of screen shots would you like? I mean you want the day chart and showing where I got in or charts show the reason for entering a trade?

  6. Your analysis or reason for entering or exiting and time of trade would be of interest.
  7. I closed my EUR/USD from friday with 93.9 pips profit. (time 4:43 AM, April 13)

    4/9/2010 Long EUR/USD 1000 1.34945 1.34412 50% Turtle rules, 20 day EMA cross closed 1.35884 93.9

    I decided to close it yesterday because even after the successful auction of their bonds, EUR still have major problems ahead of it and I started to worry about it so I closed it. This wasn't following the rules completely but I think trading EUR/CHF wasn't good for me. I thought EUR/CHF would act similarly to EUR/USD. I also made a series of bad trades that was avoidable.

    4/12/2010 Long EUR/JPY 1000 126.75 Stop 126.572 EUR seem like it could go stopped 126.57 -18
    4/12/2010 Short NZD/USD 1000 0.71123 Stop 0.7142 WoodieCCI ZLR on hourly closed 0.71183 -6
    4/12/2010 Long EUR/JPY 1000 126.665 stop 126.4 I need to get my stop right not keep re-entering stopped 126.399 -26.6
    4/13/2010 Long EUR/CHF 1000 1.43883 TS 30 Turtle rules, 20 day EMA cross TS at 1.43637 -24.6

    I try to stick to the 2 systems I chosen to trade. You can look up on the internet on rules
  8. Alright.. yesterday's trades were terrible.. The setup I had was GBP/JPY which was getting a bullish signal for me on the WoodieCCI. Stock market futures rising with everything pointing to yen pair breaking out. Yet i wasn't able to sit through the volatility and jump in and out of the trade...

    4/13/2010 Long USD/JPY 93.251 stop 93.083 got in early on possible ZLR on daily WoodieCCI closed 93.351 10
    4/13/2010 Long GBP/JPY 143.408 stop 143.038 got in early on possible ZLR on daily WoodieCCI closed 143.646 23.8 GBP/USD selling pulling GBP/JPY down
    4/13/2010 Long GBP/JPY 143.831 stop 143.604 I think i may have jump the gun on exiting closed 143.545 -28.6
    4/14/2010 Short GBP/JPY 143.573 sto 143.8 dumb trade, shouldn't be chasing stopped 143.80 -22.7
    4/14/2010 Long USD/JPY 93.423 93.314 should not have jump out because of gbp/jpy closed 93.436 1.3 I will not move stop and only close trade to take profit
    4/14/2010 Long GBP/JPY 143.99 143.5 i should ignore volatility and not get in and out closed 144.143 15.3
    4/14/2010 Short EUR/USD 1.36357 1.36543 50% hourly WoodieCCI TLB closed 1.36143 21.4
    4/14/2010 Short NZD/USD 0.71177 0.7138 bad retail data today, trade is still open, TS of 30
    4/14/2010 Long GBP/JPY 144.723 still the same trade but my entry was terrible closed 144.736 1.3
  9. btw a big queston,
    are you a marketmaker in the forex market?
    Looks like you are making markets to me in like 10 markets.
  10. coolweb, haha... no... i trade small right now so I can take on a few different currency pairs..

    Anyways.. I decided to use myfxbook to show my trades. Transcribing everything is such pain especially I have a lot of no-go trades... I'll try to post comments on as many trades as possible.

    Look under deepgroove and the history is my latest trades... The summary shows everything I have done since I have started learning.. A lot of tuition paid...
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