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  1. Musings on a Friday morning...

    This article basically read (to me).

    a) have a real life outside of trading where your needs are being met. doesn't have to be cocaine/rock n roll/whores 24/7--but a balanced life outside of trading. this helps a trader control their actions. emotions are always involved when money is on the line--but they can be put in their proper perspective if you have 1 or 2 things outside of trading that satisfies you

    b) early in a trading career one has to practice enough times in a real-life simulator (like the military uses for exercises) so that it feels real and one is executing the PLAN consistently, without thinking this is just 'practice' or a simulated event

    c) i think that 'impulses' or 'fear of missing out' should be transferred to one's pursuit of pussy. make 'bad' trades when pursuing pussy. impulsively go up to a great looking bitch and have her tell you off. impulsively fuck a pig--just because. jerk off when you feel the need to buy something expensive and save yourself thousands of dollars because your mind will be clear and calm
    Coffee time and then the crude coming up...


    Archbishop Hedvig Von Dikkeman V
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    LOL. thing thats helped me slowly rid myself of impulsive trading is visualization. Visualize myself executing and being patient, disciplined. It has helped alot!
  3. this on a place called elite trader no less. sounds like the thinking of a high school kid.
  4. Done for the day...

    I agree about visualization. I do it for at least 15 minutes before I go to sleep about trading my plan and planning my trades and then some on my personal life and how I have plans for intermediate goals.

    Obviously I referenced an excellent article and then my Friday 'musings' were meant to be light and humorous w/regard to pussy.

    The other comments in the post I thought were relevant to many traders.

    I am over 45 years old and never married nor have any kids; obviously--at this point pussy is the only thing that makes life worth living anymore.

    Most men at 40+ years of age have done nearly everything once and like pizza--you never really can have enough pussy and it is rarely bad.


    There; I feel better now. Just typing it makes me feel better. I stalked a trade for 65 minutes this morning and then executed correctly according to my plan; like a focused pedophile waiting for the right qualified peace of meat to pass by so I can snatch it!

    That was just an analogy--btw.

    I now go drink my drink and take a soak in a hot tub while I muse about the perfect retarded female heffer I fucked last Saturday night. Yes, I made her buy me pizza after I rode that ass into hog heaven.

    In fact my trading partner told me one of his best friends would pay $500.00 for that hog and fly her into the deep south where he resides; you know--little boss hog needs pussy too.

    I really like Andrew's posts/blog and website. After trading 25+ years good 'deep thoughts' never get old when you are a risk-control specialist.

    Take a look at the article; it is excellent!

    peace & blessings

  5. Interesting blog.
  6. You mean you've been more than 6 days without any?. I can't hold off for more than 8 hours, and I'm older than you.
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    I wrote myself the following set of instructions. I read it every morning..

    Winners WAIT, winners have elevated testosterone, winners are in a better mood and they live longer. Whether you are flat or in a trade the big money is in WAITING... maybe it’s not natural to wait, in the morning time when it’s natural to get out and make hay while the sun is shining, and before it’s not too hot, but that gig is over, natural, but over with... The gig is to sit and watch a screen and let some crazy market give you money.. the market does the same pattern over and over, it’s trying to give you money. Wall Street needs people on the other side of their futures trades and they know that those people have to earn a lot to keep it up, so earn a lot. There are all sorts of people working Voodo on you because they are confused or don’t like traders... pray for their souls..

    Done well, you are in about 3-4 trades for ½ to 3 hours each, in the money most of the time. If you don’t get in at the right time then don’t get in at all. Put up a do not disturb sign. Blow off people that are convinced that your method is impossible, they will convince you of that on some level and it will cost you...
  8. Are you the real fibonacci number, or an impersonator?.
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    LMAO! Does Herr Hedvig have an angry inch??

    Here's a deep thought from an ET-er a while back, sums up the profitable trader's mindset perfectly, IMHO, one which I continually strive to attain:

    "The conversion happens when you truly believe the future is unknowable. We have such a problem with that as a concept, as though we hate it with all our being.

    Start thinking you know the outcome and you have already slipped.

    That belief in chaos sets us free.

    Without having to think we can act simply and quickly on probabilities, without all the drama."
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    I thought it was pretty good...
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