Deep Secrets of Master Traders

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    The secrets are to deep to reveal to the uninitiated.

    Post your DEEEEEEP secrets if you like.
  2. Buy low, sell high. And I am not kidding. Too many people are trying to do the opposite.
  3. 1. buy high, sell higher
    2. short when markets go up
    and buy when they go down
    3. PA is king
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    You go first.
  5. 0. Repeat, repeat, repeat...
    1. The money is in the list.
    2. Seek help from smooth fellows, you see all day.
    3. Know when and why you hedge or fudge.
    4. Kill volty using 20 cuts, and a gun on the side just to be on the safe side.
    5. When seas are rough, it is time to surf.
    6. When it is calm, hide in the shade under your tents built at their expense.
    7. There is such a thing as never lose, while you still need to earn the big upside.
    8. Use the external levers to shake their grounds, and pick their moneys.
    9. Only knowledge is more expensive than your capital.
    10. If you want to know about highs and lows, send RFT some serious hellos.

    RFT (The gold standard of market timing as demonstrated at ET and on his financialtraders blog)

    PS: If you hear bells during the holidays, make sure to study the shape of bells.
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  7. Rapid fire spread was the best

    PS you forgot "select"

  8. :cool:
  9. How many clocks do you keep? Each clock runs on its own pace.
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