Deep Sea fishing trip out of San Diego

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  1. anyone (traders/investors only - wives/girlfriends are allowed) interested in chartering a private boat to go deep sea fishing out of San Diego?

    plenty of beer, women and FISH. Well, beer and fish anyways.

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    Bright & Morning Star

    Ship is 100' x 22' Sleeps 48 - goes out of San Diego for 2 and 3 day excursions.

    We'll be departing early September.

    I'll be the charter master (and yes I will skim $50 off of the ticket cost of each trader/fisherman and pocket it. don't tell anyone....)

    We'll make it a limited load of 30 - 35 anglers. so there is only 30 - 35 spaces left at this point.

    no previous fishing experience is required - just get out of the way if someone hooks up or we'll chop you up for bait. :D

    Post here or email me.
  2. Guys, this would be a blast!

    Think of the fun you would have out there.

    Tuna is running so you could get some fish.

    Investors, traders, brokers and money managers would all be together getting sloshed for 2 or 3 days out on the ocean fishing and talking money, markets and trading.

    Think of the connections you could form! The trading tips you could get!

    Com'on, guys, loosen up and fork over some cash for a ticket - this is gunna be a riot I tell ya!

    Big fish - big money - big fun! Break open your wallets, you tightwads and get on the boat! :D
  3. Just saw Step Into Liquid over the weekend... I want to go out to the Cortes Bank to see the big wave surfers hitting the 60-footers. Unfortunately, these conditions set up infrequently.

    There's a surfer somewhere in this picture:


    Not the Poseidon Adventure...

  4. You're the self proclaimed best currency trader on the board....why don't you charter the boat and take us all!
  5. take a bunch of freeloading losers???


    you gotz to pay your way.

  6. LOL scalpz gets dissed, much to his dismay and suprise, his imaginary fairy tales, and "playing trader" STILL haven't helped his lacking social status, now the poor guy is begging for company....just like i'm sure he remembers saying ever since he could talk "c,mon guys, please hang out with me, MY MOMMY LOVES ME!!!"....but alas, nothing has changed, all these years and he STILL can not figure out why no one wants to hang out with him....not even people from an internet message board who haven't met him....they already know enough...
  7. Will you share your currency trading secrets with are trying to shave $50 a ticket.

    I figure you that if the trip sells will have doubled your trading income for the year!:)
  8. "BEGGING" for company??

    Dude, try adding!

    $50 X 35 heads = $1750.

    X 3 times a month = $5250 CASH :D

    You betcha I'm "begging" for company - LMAO.
  9. $5250 X 12 months = $63,000 CASH.

    I'd say little better than "double" my trading income - :D

    But, look at it this way, guys, you might get some free "currency trading secrets!"

    then again, you might not.
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    This is what happened on the last fishing trip... the one that... *ahem* Warren was on....

    Warren is in the bottom picture... well, he was standing about a foot to right of the picture frame holding his red snapper.

    These other guys pictured are top money managers for, um, Barclays Bank.
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