Deep inside don't you feel satisfied that this crisis humbled pretentious people?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by latinotrader, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Of course I'm not laughing at other people misfortunes
    but don't you feel satisfied?
    pretentious people got their poetic justice
  2. Eddiefl


    Go to the mirror right now and write on this on it. Shallow, small minded, paranoid loser.

    then step back and point at yourself in the mirror and say. "that is me"

  3. The reality is that the middle class have a financial buffer during downturns. They may have to sell an investment property or hold on to their existing car for a few more years. Or not take an annual holiday to keep their finances balanced.

    The working class do not have that buffer. They lose their job at the factory. They default on the mortgage. They lose the house. They end up on the street. They go hungry. They get sick. The die early.

    If you enjoy seeing people suffer then actually have psychopathic personality traits and should seek help.

  4. drcha


    It is true, this depression (let's call it what it is) humbled a lot of people with few resources, and that is sad.

    I am no psychopath, but I was pretty happy to see Madoff go to jail. Nevertheless, I realize he is mentally ill (narcissistic personality disorder) and prison does not reform anyone like that--probably does not reform anyone at all. Personality disorders are incurable.
  5. Pretention is not a crime. Fraud is. Big difference.
  6. Yes, mainly America, cause just 5 years ago, America was thinking they are the shit, the shit that will never end. Now they live in fear, they try to convince themselves that they will keep their powers, but deep inside they know it will soon end, thus the constant fear and paranoia.
  7. I sometimes wonder if graduate students use internet forums like this for polling/research.
    It'd be easy to throw honest polling stats out the window by throwing up a poll on a site like this, and after a few days of responses..... just stating "The overwhelming response of the people polled agreed with..."
    (am I being too cynical?...not cynical enough?)

  8. drcha


    Americans don't know history. It always ends. The leaders whip up the fear and paranoia, because it works.