Deep discounts through Dorman

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    Are you currently trading with them ?
  3. Here are the terms of use in this forum and I quote :
    "Advertisements and solicitations of any kind are strictly prohibited unless you are a paying site sponsor.'

    Are you a paying site sponsor Tiddlywinks?
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    If I titled the thread "Crossland (DDT) vs. Dorman" or "DDT has competition" or "Published rates for futures", or whatever, with nothing but the link, 250+ views would have ignited lively converse, and deep down, many would be appreciative that they found a new broker to throw into or out of their personal knowledge base of the the business. Instead, you're just verifying the idiocy of ET.

    And yes Volente, I've had an account with Dorman for about 8 years. They were part of my FCM diversification before SHTF. Finding this new Dorman GIB tells me it's time to renegotiate commissions, again.
  5. For ES, using TT FIX + Sierra, DDT is at 3.62 r/t all in (including per side platform fees). These guys are at $3.22. So a difference of 40 cents, which will be more than eaten up by platform fees.

    Zen-Fire – $0.30 per side
    CQG – $0.25 per side
    CTS – $0.50 per side

    They need to try harder. A lot harder.
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    The CQG option you list is for CQG Trader. If you use CQG FIX (without market data) you add $0.05 per side ending up at 3.32 r/t all in for ES. Fixed monthly cost for this option is just 10$.
    Very interesting in my opinion, many thanks to tiddlywinks for pointing out this offer.
  7. My apologies. They should list that option at their website, if they want people to notice it. maybe it is there and I didn't see it. But still need market data somewhere.

    Found additional details on Sierra Chart. 30 cents extra per side. Ouch
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    Apologies for what?

    They didn't list this option because they didn't know about it before I asked, as I saw with DDT and most of FCMs and nearly all IBs.

    CQG FIX is quite unknown,maybe because its optional data feed is very costly (1000$ / month minimum), so you have to find market data somewhere else.

    Anyway,whenever a broker offers CQG, you know you have this option.
  9. It is british "Beg your pardon" :D (I am not British)
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    Thank you very much pfranz for this tidbit.
    With some logistics planning, this ditty can save me a boatload
    with my current accounts, not only with Dorman.

    Thanks again.
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