Deep Discount Trading better than IB?

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    Are these guys - DDT - way better than IB for automated trading?

    IB worry me, just don't feel easy about this Co.

    Customer response is slow from IB.
    Their TWS platform in my opinion should be separated into different segments, eg, Options, CFD's, Futures, Stocks etc and not co-mingled into one piece of software the way it is. The complexity of the software makes it error prone, I think IB have created a monster with TWS and its myriad features.
    Also, being logged out each day is a pain, especially for auto systems. IB say it has something to do with re-setting the server and the clients link with their server if I recall rightly.

    Is the datafeed from DDT OK?
    I don't require any thing sophisticated, just something reliable and user friendly. I'm using SierraCharts.
    Does DDT log the client out each day similar to IB?

  2. DDT is an introducing broker of crossland. DDT has exceptional service, takes minutes to get a response. DDT and Xland are for futures and future options trading.
    DDT has many platform and feed combinations.
    I used CTS platform/feed and it doesnt force you to logout.

    IB is a behemoth brokerage allowing you to trade stocks, bonds, fx apart from futures. Very poor service, may take weeks to get a response!!

    If you wanna trade futures/future options, go for DDT.
  3. No, you can stay logged in as long as you like. You may get disconnected on Saturday/Sunday morning, but no trading goes on at that time anyway. If you don't need all the different instruments IB offers, you should go somewhere else. DDT has superb customer service while having risk limits to ensure people don't blow up the firm without being onerous like IB is. As far as automated trading goes, I don't use it, so I can't comment if it is good, but I know it can be allowed, and I'm sure they will help you set it up as much as they can. There is 0% reason to use IB if you are looking to trade futures only.
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    How is that? I get logged out once every 24 hours by IB.
    How do you get around that?
    IB advised me not to attempt to get around this feature using other means.

    I only trade futures and I only trade one instrument, SPI.
    ( Sim account at this point in time as I have just shifted job & house and it's tipped my world upside down atm)
  5. All TT servers reset but it is only when the market is closed.
  6. You can use IBController to stay logged on TWS all week. It is an open-source project that you can find by Google search.
  7. DDT offers about 5 different alternatives for execution routing including CTS, Rithmic, Trading Technlogies, CQG etc.

    When you choose one of these, your executions go via that platform's infrastructure and not via DDT at all (except for credit check at Crossland).

    Many of these have outstanding API's. I am using the CTS T4 API.
  8. I do it all the time.
    I set my log off time to 8:10 am when it gets to 8:05 the pop up displays ,I set it to 8:25.
    8:20 rolls around I reset back to 8:10 am or whenever I expect to be up.

    logging in with the security device is kinda a pain but this works well for me and it only takes a few mouse clicks.

    The popup displays 5 min before it logs you out.
  9. any ideas for a place to trade automated options trading? other than IB? i have a working C# options api that works at another brokerage but the fees are killing me, any other places i can go?
  10. Futures options or stock options?

    DDT is a futures and futures options broker.
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