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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Scalpa, Sep 15, 2002.

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    Are there any "deep" discount brokers left that offer limit orders for less than $3 with no per share limit? It seems they've all folded or been bought out in the past year. Financial Cafe merged with Brokerage America and BA is charging $5 commissions with no more rebates for Sub-$1 stocks. Freetradez is dust. I can't find any adequate resources that rate or compare brokers anymore now that Donald H's site is defunct.

    So any recommendations? The only requirements are limit orders less than $3 and no per share fees. I don't need direct access or anything fancy like that. I also could care less about checking, margin rates, research, charts, or any of those other services that some people need. Rebates would be a HUGE plus, but I don't know of any online brokers that offer this outside of Brokerage America.

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    Jeez, nearly a thousand views already and not a single person can offer me some guidance? :confused:

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    ok, here's my two cents:

    limit orders, no per share limit for $3.

    There is no free lunch. IMO, this is a money losing proposition. Add in ECN fees, clearing fees, sec fees and the infrastructure costs and the firm would probably be losing money on any order over 500 shares.
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    Is $5 for a limit order so bad ?

    Lot of people would die for that.
  5. I think is 5 bucks for all orders. That would be the cheapest I've seen lately.