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  1. Do you access the Internet with your trading pc?

    Do you have a dedicated trading station?

    Do you use a seperate PC for the Internet?

    These days, Is it too dangerous to use the same pc for trading and accessing financial websites?

    I have a new PC Laptop on the way and was planning to use an old desktop for the internet and visiting financial websites such as this one and others. Problem is it is a desktop, and I would like the flexibility to be wireless so I can kick back in the recliner/couch and rest my bad back. Shopuld I just spring for a cheapo laptop to surf the web?
  2. Anyone know the answers to these questions?
    Thanks in advance,.
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    I just built a dedicated trading system, with 3 monitor setup.
    I use a separate laptop for internet research. I only have my platform and charting on my trading system, thats it.
  4. Is it way too dangerous these days to use 1 pc for both internet and trading? It appears that most everyone on here is doing just that as only one or two seem to have dedicated trading pc's
  5. I have a pc dedicated to charts and order entry. as for if it's safe for trading and internet to be on the same pc or not, you have to define "internet" just general browsing or downloading music &... cough.. p0rn.
  6. Well let's just say general internet browsing with no downloading of music files or

  7. It is probably BEST to have your trading computer separate from all else. That being said, for years I've run data, charts, web surfing, TV tuner (for golf and other sports) on the same rig and have had no security issues. My trading apps are on a separate PC, but that's to increase "resources" capacity... no issues there, either.

    If you go wireless, do a good job of securing your network... lots of info on the web.
  8. IT'S 100% SAFE!
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    Hellsbells, might as well spring for a chair to sit in front of your desktop...

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    It takes 3 computers actually. One, you set up as linux box and use it for a hardware firewall. I have had 5 hardware firewalls in the last year, they all either did not work, or worked but after a while they would freeze, one was called a firewall but it did not do SPI and it could not pass the shields up test!! It also froze up while I was configuring it and there is no hardware reset!! I finally was looking at reviews and realized that as an industry, the people that make those things make krap. You can get a Cisco but the service contract will cost more than the box and I defy anybody to navigate the cisco site and find something they can use. Then I reviewed linux firewall software and people were saying things like "easy to set up, runs forever, logs everything" and I could breathe again...

    Then you need a surfing computer and a trading computer and nearly anything will work fine for either one. You can put all the protective stuff on either/both but in the long run your trading computer will never, ever, get a virus or spyware, and your surfing one will need the os reloaded about every 3 months..
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