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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by aphexcoil, Oct 8, 2003.

  1. I need to find a good dedicated server to host a site that does about a terabyte of bandwidth a month.

    Any suggestions?
  2. I would recommend ev1 as well. Also known as

    They had a major outage a while back - We didn't even know about it until we got an email from them - the servers kept running. Have not had a single problem with them. Not something I can say for others.
  3. No haha ... I am running a club / bar review and online dating site that I plan to get up by January 1'st, 2003. I have a virtual hosting account.

    Is managing a dedicated server that much harder than using Cpanel / FTP / etc on a virtual host account?

    Also, how do I know if I need DUAL Xeon or P4 or celeron? Is there a basic guide for this somewhere?
  4. aphie, post some details or PM me some details and I could tell you. I'm sure there's some info on this on the web somewhere too.

  5. You're about 10 months late buddy :D

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    I use them to host web sites and some trading systems.
  7. 2004 oops!
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    rackshack's good if you can do your own server admin, I use cihost, they've been great..

    Interesting to see someone else get into dating sites...

    I started a handful of dating sites too, but I don't have the advertising budget to compete with, so they languish, check them out, I put a lot of work into them: spends more than 500k/month I think, on ads... my likely budget would be more like 1-2k, so I'm not going to try yet.

    I think the way to go is niche dating sites, eg for college students specifically, or seniors, whatever... vs the generic type.. fwiw.

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    Unix, Windows, or it doesn't matter what the OS is?

    Also, are you looking for hardware, ISP, or one that provides both?

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