Declaing yourself as a DAYTRADER taxes!

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  1. this is what my accountant is telling me...

    I have a whole TON of taxes that I owe becaues of this WASH rule. I understand that you can elect to be a day trader, where you'd have to pay self employment tax, but you avoid this wash rule which would bring my tax libality down A LOT.

    however they are saying that this declaration as a daytrader MUST be done by april 15th of the current tax year in order to have this option.

    Is this true?
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    This is correct the deadline to declare was 4/15.
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    Electing to use MTM (daytrader), does not mean you will pay SE taxes.
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  6. did your firm prepare your taxes using a specific tax software package? can they e-file them for you? did they send you a paper copy and now expect you to mail it in? or will you e-file?
  7. daytraders don't pay self employment tax
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    Damn I've never done this... so I can't fill as a daytrader is there any exception to this rule?

  9. They do, if they want to collect SS and have all the expenses deducted .
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    As a retail daytrader you can claim MTM, avoid SE taxes, and still deduct all of your trading expenses.
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