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  1. after the bell today.

    Is it over for these clowns? I want to see this turn into a CROX.
  2. I checked two sources and DECK isn't reporting earnings until 2/25...
  3. dsq


    P+D,are your quotes frozen today?mine have been frozen since 9 54am...they were freezing all day yesterday also..i am using ameritrade/izone...
  4. I'm sorry, your right.....

    Yes, they were frozen...has happened before.okay now.
  5. Just a hiccup for DECK? Can they keep selling these fad boots and stay a bloated 100+ stock?
  6. Seriously, every time these guys want to break down below $100, it fights back to $115.

    I hate this stock and its UGZ.

    Why does this stay bloated?

    I have no position FWIW.
  7. DECK is no crox. It will probably go higher.
  8. Short away boys, stock just gave us the all clear sign!
  9. May buy better to buy puts about 8 months out in time.
  10. I fucking hate this stock. This fucking stock is like the FSLR of the fad industry with their UGZ boots. I feel like its a 1999 tech stock that will just blow up but it hasn't....yet.
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