DECK up almost $30

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by gobar, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. gobar


    I was thinking of buyin a put and a call before earning but i forgot...:(

    man this DECK is next ISRG :D
  2. jbride12


  3. Perfect cup and handle. Missed it!
  4. Go long now

    perfect cup handle breakout

    will keep drifting higher
  5. gobar


    so u think it might go up another $10 to $20?
  6. Easily.

    A gap from a cup and handle is almost always bullish
  7. It is bullish, but you're risk is much more now then it was a few days ago.
  8. not much risk
  9. Already up $3 since i rec'd buying

    Even when it is up 23% in the morning there is still much more room for upside

    you buy to make money

    very easy to do

    not rocket science

    There is no excuse to not make 50% yearly returns in the market. If you can't you're doing it wrong. Get smart.
  10. gobar


    but if there is a selloff BIDU and ISRG will be down huge....

    both will have to come down to touch 20 moving average...u know
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