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  1. Anyone ever hear of this trading software? I know most, if not all
    software for trading is never what is said to be, but I have tried some platforms with occasional success.

    I do like the fact they give a 30 day money back guarantee. If anyone has ever used this, some feedback would be great.:D
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    I know this post is old, but my reply may be useful to people considering DecisionBar. I bought a subscription for several months to DB to give myself time to learn it and see if it works. It didn't take long for me to determine that I was up a creek with this one. My advice is to stick with time proven TA tools and avoid DB. DB also sold my info to junk mailers, something I dislike and disapprove of.
  3. I just came upon the DecisionBar site last night. I am considering giving it a try.

    I'm new to trading (stocks). In 6 weeks, I have earned $1700 with $3500 of cash in a Zecco margin account. I'm sure this is just peanuts for the experienced traders, but for me, it's HOPE... that I will not be 50 yrs old one day and answering to some jerk boss half my age.

    Based on my initial performance, I think DecisionBar is an affordable tool worth trying. I currently follow Phil Grande and have learned a lot about reading charts and indicators. By combining chart reading knowledge and DecisionBar, I think it will improve my performance.

    Last night I just downloaded and setup NinjaTrader... what an awesome free charting software! I cannot wait to see it in action with DecisionBar.

    If anyone has some experience with DecisionBar, please do share them here. Thanks.
  4. :confused:
    What is a TA Tool for trading as mentioned in a previous post.