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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by JSANS, Jul 21, 2005.

  1. JSANS


    Between E mail and direct mail, I've been bombarded with the wonders of this software. Anyone have some info about this trading method ? Thanks.
  2. MKTrader


    I've been meaning to reply to this....but like the developer of this software, I'm usually out sailing, having fun or counting my money most of the day after a few profitable Decision Bar trades each morning...

    No, I've been mildly curious about this as well, as I've also received quite a few mail-outs from them. It's funny how they intentionally distance themselves from other "Red Light/Green Light" software.

    Has anyone tried this? I might do a free trial if I didn't have to order it via snail mail and deal with the hassle of shipping it back, etc.
  3. Spooky


    Tried it on the ES; didn't work that well. I know of one trader who uses it for stocks had better luck with it.
  4. Spooky, would you care to explain what it looked like, to you?
    ie, bullsih divergent through a lower time frame bullish moving av etc, an impression of the setup.
  5. Spooky


    It's been a while since I tried it. There was a one-month trial period. I recall two lines generated on the chart where price would have to break out of either the upper or lower line along with a proprietary indicator for entry. As I mentioned in my previous post, there may be some merit to applying this strategy to stocks, but did not fare well for the ES.
  6. Let me save you guys the suspense.
    It plots pivot/swing highs and lows.
    It actually DOES work very well, but only on stocks, in my experience. It does NOT work well on forex or indices, from my own experience.

    Again, if you are a stock trader, this software is recommended. But not otherwise.
  7. I was bombarded also but did not try it.