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  1. Would anyone like to give their thoughts on decimalization on Nasdaq stocks with respect to execution.
    Any advice on getting fast fills as close to possible to the inside prices. Any input would be appreciated.
  2. I traded amzn today, and was very impressed. I could really move 5-8k like buttah... I think it was easier than with fractions cause on fractions, I'd dump 3k and the bid would drop a teeny, and I'd dump another 4k and the bid would drop again. Here, since everyone isn't lined up, you can just dump 2k, wait 10 secs for the bids to build and then swipe down.. and I never swiped more than .03 down. I think it was much more liquid, but I never dealt with mm execution. Just island and Inca i think.
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    Amazon today was really liquid as they announced that would beat earning estimates and soon be profitable. I'd try that again in another week or so.

    Robert Tharp