decimal vs. fractions

Discussion in 'Trading' started by michaelday, Apr 17, 2001.

  1. Hello,

    I have been trading for couple of days now after a few months pause. Few months ago I used to trade AMCC, CIEN, JNPR looking for a point or two moves. I'm noticing that now these stocks move much slower even when I take into account that they are much cheaper now. Even JNPR does't offer to many opportunities. Does it have anything to do with new decimal representation? Can anybody tell me which
    Nasdaq stocks are now most popular with daytraders.

  2. add qcom and vrts, maybe jdsu, and you have them all. I think it's just cause of the lower prices, not decimals.
  3. It's the lower prices. 10% move in a 10 stock is a point. While a 10% move in a 50 dollar stocks is 5 points.

  4. The first few days with decimals, the spreads were very tight, but the spreads are slowly but surely getting wider again.
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    You can trade these as well, this is my total list: CHKP, VRTS, CIEN, JNPR, QCOM, OPWV, MXIM, NVDA, VRSN,DPMI, NVLS, and AMGN. Hope this helps.