Decimal fills on Nasdaq

Discussion in 'Trading' started by js1257, Mar 25, 2001.

  1. js1257


    I'm curious if traders are getting quality fills and the quantity that they are trying to get in the Nasdaq stocks that have already been decimalized. Getting the amount of shares you want or not. Also the route you are using and any other thing that might pertain to this question.
  2. I've only tried trading rmbs so far. It's really a trial and error thing. If someone wants your shares, then you can post 5k and they'll take you. Otherwise, I see what is there, and I just sweep up .1 on island with 1500 shares, then wait for the offer to thicken and repeat. Posting size is just asking to get leant on and paying .2 more minimum. I think the sweep approach is great for buying. But for exiting, im clueless. I've tried just posting 1k and waiting til hit and then posting another. For something like rmbs, soes is worthless b/c of tier limits. I think everyone in this forum must trade more than one k of that at a time. Snet is ok, but once again a mm must really want a few k at once. If im selling at the optimal moment, the mm's don't want my shares either. The other option is just sweeping down a few times with 1-2k and hitting what i can.
    Has anyone had more success at moving more than say 3500 shares at once. I won't even dare get near 5k+ on rmbs, or at least not now, but I rarely trade that stock anyway.
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    I share the same sentiments as you praetorian2. I don't use SOES but I also stay away from using snet because you are giving MMs their time to fill. So I trade exclusively on ECNs. I use Arca Now.

    As for trading 5000> shares of say RMBS, I guess your trade will not be as tight if you are trading just say 2000 shares. That's the reality and you have to give in to a little slippage.