Decide recession or no recession and move on

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  1. I have seen dispirited weak, torn apart , pathetic , stumbling, routed haggard looking people here on ET and elsewhere. They cannot decide if we are in recession or not. Most of them are too depressed and unhappy and do not even have the courage to accept or reject the notion that we are in recession or not. They just mumble on and on in threads blaming others , complaining , bitching, and moaning, and grieving as if life has been so unfair in our great country.

    Their country has done everything for them. Massive Federal rate cuts of 1.25 ( will take feds a year to hike them back) in just under 2 weeks, a strong, 161 billion dollar economic stimulus package, that combined together will inject tremendous amounts of liquidity and cash into the system. Fed are not through cutting rates yet, (once they get on it they donot stop) as seen in the past. So expect more rate cuts, and more market rallies in the future.

    Its about time to accept we are in a recession and move on. If not keep fearing the worst (which of course never happens) and keep staying negative adding some stupidity that can keep our temple down forever. Its your choice, live it or leave it. If you keep shredding the stocks and markets and throwing hissy fits like yesterday and today and indulging in a negative pastime of pessimism that isn't the answer. There are no silver bullets left in the chambers. Grow up and face the world, like a man, or pee in your pants like a coward.
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    well said.

    but let the negativity stay won't be a bad thing, we need to cleanse out the system, rid of the sheeps and speculators.

    I personally still have $30k of make-up 401k contribution to make for 2007, and I am happy that stocks are at fire-sale prices right now.
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    I am glad we are in recession. Housing, services, stocks become more affordable.
  4. You act like the recession is OUR fault......

    I think you're barking up the wrong tree here....
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    Does anyone know how much of the 9Trillion Federal debt is actually owed to the foreign parties and nations like China, UK etc.
  6. For crying out loud. RECESSION has been here.
    The indicators are "LAGGING".

    The market would be near 11500 of not lower except for the "hands the feed it".

    The market is now a serious lagging indicator.

  7. Accept it and move on. If you like to sell everything do so and be done with it.

  8. If we are in a recession whats the maximum that will happen? Sky will fall? Do you think recession will never end? Isn't there everything possible done to avert it? What do you expect to see? Collapse of the entire US economy and we cease to function as a society ? Whats the worst that can happen? You may have to cut your porn subscription on the Interent.

    Come on show us some negative comments.
  9. Me too, I now have the down payment put aside for a condo I'm looking at. 6 months to one year and it may be cheaper. All I know is the same condo in in the area I was looking at last year, it was an extra 30k. So I get the same place for 180k instead of 210k. Patience as paid off...everything comes full circle. I think houses still depreciate further from here.

    I'm hoping for more foreclosures. Sorry, but these people can't make their payments. Tough luck and now you can rent from me and pay my mortgage. You shouldn't of went out and borrowed all on credit while I cut corners and didn't blow my load. Hey, how about a stated no doc. from Sorry pal, tighter lending for responsible people.
  10. Ha! You just described yourself there Day7793.

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