Decent Singapore or Hong Kong based brokers?

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  1. Any advice on Singapore or Hong Kong based brokers with decent online platforms (even web-based is fine)?
    I have been using Phillip Capital based in Singapore but their platform seems to be 10 years behind US brokers, security seems very weak, etc. but I was unable to find anything better so far.

    I am aware that some US-based firms have access to Asian markets, but my primary reason for wanting to keep part of my money in Asia is security in case of US banks or government bankruptcy or introduction of exchange or capital flow controls, so I want a firm which falls under Singapore or Hong Kong jurisdiction.

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    yup, the trading platform from local brokerage firm are way behind US, u can try KIM ENG SECURITIES>>
  3. core pacific yamaichi is ok i think
    Tony Measor's group does broking now too i think

    If your account is large enough, maybe you can open an account with big inter-dealer brokers, ICAP... etc.

    how much do you trade? maybe an account at HSBC would do if you hold longer.

    in Singapore, there was a firm called AM Fraser securities which let you trade on their premises and clear through them, no idea how good or reputable.

    Kim Eng certainly the local "Goldman" of Singapore.

  4. for independent brokers catered to retail King Eng is the biggest and oldest, for bank/broker combo there are many options in addition to Vickers, UOB has a securities arm as well, but for buy and hold HSBC has the best service with access to rmb deposits, HKEX ipos.
  5. My account is less than $1M so its too small to use inter-dealer brokers or private banking.

    I took a look at Kim Eng and Core Pacific Yamaichi, but it seems both of them are missing some markets that I need (i.e. Thailand, LSE), although Kim Eng does have Thailand subsidiary (I guess they are just not linked).

    I do my short term trades through IB, so this would be more for longer term positions (at least in order of months), so HSBC might be a good option for me. For people that tried them, did you use HSBC Premier or some other product from them? How are they in terms of market coverage?
  6. I use , 4 years together, sweet financing terms ( HIBOR + 0.15 :D ) for IPO's , platform 50 yrs behind, SHORT SELLING UNAVAIL though with them....
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    I know some Hong Kong based brokers which are very cheap. Stock commission only around 0.03-0.04% of trade value. That is after negotiation and without the need of trading in very large volume. There are also some others who charges at 0.05-0.06% (standard plans, no negotiations required)

    However I don't think they accept online application. You may want to ask your friend to help if you know any friends who live in Hong Kong.
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    at those rates + a stamp tax there must be very little day trading.
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    Try Bright Smart Securities in HK.
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