Decent prop firm fit?

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  1. Suggestions? Thx in advance

    Traded prop many years ago
    Highly correlated US equity pairs, all intraday
    Need about 500k buying power each side and I’m almost always hedged
    Have a day job, don’t plan to do big volume
    I’d go retail but don’t wanna tie up the capital for 1m no. trading just a hobby not my job
    In Chicago, don’t want to trade out of the office but wouldn’t mind an office in town so I can hang out with the guys once in a while
  2. Concinnity


    I just don’t understand if it’s just a hobby why do you need so much capital? It’s difficult enough to secure 1 mil funding, but you want it when you say you’re doing it for a hobby plus don’t plan on doing big volume. People putting 1 mil up generally want results. If you enjoy doing it and you’re good enough to get 1 mil why would you not trade more volume and make yourself and the people putting up the capital more money? I am genuinely trying to understand what am I missing? Thanks in advance if take the time to explain
  3. My strategy requires up to 500k on each side. Not sure what ppl consider a lot of volume I used to do 4-7m shares/mo. by myself. Which i considered a lot at the time.

    I realize they gotta make money my point is they can take split, they won’t make it off the commish w me. Have no desire to stare at the market all day. Just want to take some modest profits when the opportunities present themselves.
  4. traider


    annual returns and sharpe?
  5. Why don't you just trade your own money? Besides family and friends, who would pay for a part time trader?
  6. Overnight


    4-7 million SHARES per month? Oh man, that would blow Ken C's little 41 million cost basis claim over the past year out the window at light speed. I'd love to see that blotter, heh.
  7. Gambit


    Just want to make a short list here and hopefully others add. Not many props that back left.

    In no particular order:

    Prime trading
    Budo group/Sumo Capital
    Arb Group
    Integra capital

    Most of these are JBO.
  8. FSU


    With a Portfolio Margin account, you could get 500,000 of buying power if you had the minimum required of around $110,000 (different brokers will have different minimums)

    This way you would be a customer. You wouldn't have to split profits; you wouldn't need any special license as you may with a prop/jbo firm and your costs may be lower (non professional data.
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