Decent Option Training Trading Prop Firm?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by uzoik, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. uzoik



    Do they exist? A lot out there that do training on Futures? Still suspect with those ones too.

    I am interested in Options to beef up my learning the curve (read some good books already i.e Natenburg) and would like to get more serious with some firm/traders.

    I am based in London but could also try in Amsterdam.

    Please advise, need some help.

  2. I know a firm in the US that could help but not in europe sorry
  3. uzoik


    Thanks filterguy,

    It would have been helpful, but I cant really see my self in the US anytime soon. Any others out there???

    I think just got in touch with someone that worked with Schnieder Trading then Futex. Both operate in Futures and apply different strategies, I was informed that Futex was better.

    Besides they dont operate with options. I know of a firm in Amsterdam that does options but I would have to come up with 25K capital. I think this is a better move, training/trading with capital versus spending money on training (which will use approx 1/5 of my capital) which is a guaranteed sunk cost. Both routes involve 'training' so the Amsterdam firm could be the better choice.

    Any 2 cents on this?

  4. Alpine


    Hi Filterguy:

    Can you give me the info about the US firm you mentioned? Thkx.
  5. ggsn1


    I trade options for Altrion Trading in the US.
  6. Alpine


    ggsn1, how's your experience with them? What kind of option strategies do they teach and how profitable are the traders? Thanks.
  7. How much money are you trading with?

    I think that will have a significant difference.

    If you have over $500k I would go directly to Merrill Lynch, IB, Penson, or another firm to open a CPM account. You'll get better rates that way then going through a prop firm.