Decent charting software to use with IB

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by davewolfs, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. Could some of you recommend some decent charting software packages that can be used with IB's feed.

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  3. Thanks for the suggestion, is there anything else that is decent for less then $40 a month?
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    FREE :)

  5. Schaefer


    How about "Quote Tracker" for free!

  6. dont know about the others but i use quote tracker and its pretty cool. i use ib's 80s style chart to place stop limit orders because the buttons are easier.

    only thing i dont like about quote tracker is the cross hair.. it sticks to the bars and its a pain to find exact prices on the chart sometimes. as well it would be 100x better program if they allowed you to place orders on the chart
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    I'm not sure right now but I thought you could change that in "preferences -> miscellaneous"...
  9. Sierra Chart

    although Ninja Trader also has free charting as NT's sim mode is free. But free, although a stunningly attractive price, isn't everything :)
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