December is my best month this year

Discussion in 'Trading' started by fortuna, Dec 26, 2002.

  1. fortuna



    just short gamma and vega

    This market is dead
  2. good for you :D
  3. daytr8r


    pat yourself on the back.
  4. KavMan


    Have a cookie
  5. how about some examples?
  6. Miki


    If you like trading and you are still in business – every month is a good month!:)
  7. bone

    bone ET Sponsor

    You still have three days to screw it up.
  8. bone

    bone ET Sponsor

    If you're short volatility and a war breaks out, you won't be so fortuna.
  9. GD2KNO


    Feels good to set new record, KEEP it up!

    But also find out why your system worked best in Dec. As it was tough on most systems, so be careful as January is unlikely to move like Dec.

    Happy Holidays
  10. GD2KNO


    Think should you give the gal/guy a break and not rain on the parade. Maybe she/he is taking a much earned break, and realize not everyone screws it up as you may do.

    Happy Holidays
    #10     Dec 27, 2002