"December is back on the table" == f[Empire+DOW+ChiFed+Redbook+PMIflash+RichFed...]

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Will the FED raise (or sell a big ol' lot) in December?

  1. Nope -- too many recession chickens.

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  2. Possibly -- or the sun might explode.

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  3. Likely -- I mean, aren't we back to Good News Is Bad News yet?

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  4. Oh Definitely. Sound global markets and material signs of pinch at home? "Whip Inflation Now!"

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  1. Great opportunity to take more off the table,
    via greater asset sales or by interest rate hike or by both.
  2. vanzandt


    Ahaha...Subtle... but I caught it. :D
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  3. I *literally* laughed out loud. That was great.
  4. ==[...+Mortgages+Durables+HousingPrices+NewHomeSales....]

    "Good News" is *definitely* Bad News, once again.

    (That, and the Taylor Rule(r) coming to the 'fore.)

    Down, doobie-do, down. Down.