December 7th National Caucus Results...RON PAUL WINS!!!

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    December 7th National Caucus Results...RON PAUL WINS!!!

    Barack Obama Wins Democrat Caucuses; Ron Paul Dominates Both GOP And "Open" Caucuses

    On December 7, 2007 across the country, Democrat, Republican and Open Caucus groups formed independently and Caucused on National Caucus Day. The First National Presidential Caucus is now history and the results are in.

    Results were tallied from 19 Caucus groups (Republican, Democrat, and Open) that met on Friday, December 7th, 2007 in Dallas, TX (2D); Sarcoxie, MO (O); Boise, ID (R); Needham, MA (D); Carthage, MO (O); Manhattan, KS (D & R); Pineville, MO (O); Richmond, MO (O); Costa Mesa, CA (O); Springfield MO (R); Winston-Salem, NC (O); Overland Park, KS (R); New York City, NY (O); and Joplin, MO (R), Warrensburg, MO (R), Roselle Park, NK (D), and Philadelphia, PA (O).

    Barack Obama wins over Democrat voters generating 40% of Democrat Caucus voter preferences. Obama was followed by a three-way tie for second, with John Edwards, Bill Richardson and "Undecided" each generating 20% of Democratic Caucus preferences.

    On the Republican side, Ron Paul obliterated the field for the GOP generating the preference of 50% of GOP Caucuses. Mike Huckabee and Fred Thompson follow, generating 33.3% and 16.6% of Republican Caucus preferences, respectively.

    Among votes in Open Caucuses, Ron Paul wins with 62.5% of Open Caucus votes, followed by Barack Obama (18.75%), Fred Thompson (12.5%), and Hilary Clinton (6.25%).

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    Well, Well. The world/US is in for a wakening perhaps?
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  3. wow, awesome
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    Very encouraging.

    Now the campaign needs to focus every resource on early primary states.

    boots on the ground, door knockers, media buys, primary voters.
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  6. Its kinda humorous to watch the thumbs up thumbs down meter on FOXNews to always dive when Ron Paul speaks during the Iowa debate right now. He makes the most sense out of any candidate on that stage.
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    Indeed .... Ron Paul may top Giuliani in fundraising for the 4th quarter. Heck, he may even beat Hillary.
  8. Problem is, the elections are rigged. The winner is already chosen - it will be Hitlery :(
    Even if it takes the supreme court to get her in.
  9. Unfortunately I strongly believe there is truth in your statement.
  10. Wouldn't that be nice. :)

    Unfortunately, I think it is us RP supporters who are in for the awakening when the first few primaries are in and Paul still sits at only 5-10% of the vote.

    A valiant effort though.
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