December 29th, a lucky day in the history of trading

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Ring of Truth, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. December 29th has always been a lucky day in the history of market trading.

    On average, the market has risen 75% of the time on this day, making it one of the luckiest trading days in history. :p
  2. I'll wait two days and bet the farm on the 31st. :D
  3. Uh Oh! I'm getting Dirty Harry flashbacks. "Do ya feel lucky punk? Well, do ya?"
  4. Yes. Final charge for the year. SP500 1111 and NASDAQ 2000. 100% up room to go in 2004. Enjoy the wonderful years.

  5. 1111 has a ring to it.
  6. :D
    Hey ignorant of market's cycle it is not only in 29th December that market is bullish statistically it is since Thanksgiving haha ! And statistically this ends on ?? January ... guess :p (I will tell it on my newsletter this afternoon).

  7. well, un-susbcribe me to your newsletter (newsletter is too general).

    How easy to say "Thanksgiving to New Years". I gave a specific date, December 29th, and it's been lucky so far!:p

    I'm feeling lucky, punk!
  8. You give a date hahahaha ! A monkey giving this date has 1/2 a chance too :D

    Whereas I said in that newsletter:
    "10389 is the level to watch"

    And we have just pullback at 10387.41 within 2 points : Can a monkey give the same number within 2 points precision :D

  9. Yes, a monkey has a 1/2 chance. But I said 75% or 3/4 chance. A huge difference if you understood probabilities.

    The difference between 50% and 75% can make you zillions in Las Vegas.
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