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  1. You guys see what these idiots did, they ripped up hogs on more china speculation(which was later denied)....hogs now trading at a 7c premium to cash and cash is barely moving up, in fact i think next week it heads down again....and ltd is now 3 weeks away...thanks for the free money idiots....the guys in this mkt remind me of the day traders from the dot com this thing fall apart in the next couple of weeks as futures move down to meet the cash, and watch all the cheerleaders, commercials and funds jump ship....thanks chumps.
  2. still a short...
  3. Cyril:

    HOGS 101 Question from a Newbie:
    Is your short on hogs based purely on technicals?

    I see anemic open interest. Any other things I should be looking at or am I over analyzing?

  4. shows cash Hogs stronger until late December and Hog Futures irregularly higher into early next year.

    I do not have a position but if I had to take one I would buy it on a pullback.

  5. Perhaps the most annoying thing I've ever encountered in my trading career (instutional energy now) is when guys use the term "they" to describe the market as a whole. "they push it down" or "they rip it apart." Usually it is used to blame for some unexpected action that contradicts the traders position or opinion on the mkt.

    When I hear a trader use "they" in such a form he loses all credibility in my mind.
  6. fortunatti:

    Reminds me of a quote:
    We have seen the enemy and it is us. There is no "they!"