Dec. Fortune Mag: $11,000 into 18 Million in 3 years

Discussion in 'Trading' started by MichaelNorris, Jan 2, 2001.

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  1. Vienna


    Rock tl, How many plays does this Waxie guy recommend per day or week? You said one of the sites is for swing traders. Are both of them full time pursuits, and if so, do you know of a site which recommends less, such as a few plays per week? Thanks, Vienna
    #51     Mar 11, 2001
  2. Vienna,

    Both sites do about 10-20 roundtrips a day...

    Sometimes they have a swing position (long or short) and still daytrade that same stock...

    They are both FULL TIME TRADERS...

    SORRY, I know of no site (profitable) that trades only a few trades per week... always,

    GoodInvesting, Rocky
    #52     Mar 12, 2001
  3. Since this is a thread about Dan Zanger I thought some of you might be interested in hearing a free presentation that we invited Dan to present at a free stock traders club we have in Tampa, FL. We have anywhere from 100 to 500 people attending these free club meetings, so if you are in the area you are more than welcomed to attend our free monthly meetings.

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    and over these years, he came to the realization that stocks and their chart patterns repeat themselves over and over again. What’s even more incredible is that certain patterns appear before the market sharply increases, and others show up before declines.

    Dan will teach you about the different types of patterns that occur in stocks on a regular basis, what to look for when predicting market trends, and how to recognize and understand the right stock patterns to make more informative and timely buying or selling decisions.

    The following is an outline of what Dan Zanger will be talking about:

    * Brain cleansing
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    If you need clarification of directions you can reach the church at 813-831-1951 Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00.

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  4. RockTheLurker,

    I know you are still investigating Millenium-Traders and Waxie, but could you give us any feed back as to what you have discovered about these two sites so far. Also since the results they send out by email are the maximum gains someone could have made if you exited at the exact high of all their calls, how do find the profits to be in reality, with the multiple calls they give to exit a position. Do you exit your entire position with the first exit call or do you scale out of the position instead, knowing that they usually make more than one exit call? If you are not actually trading these picks yet, what have been your observations? How profitable would a person be exiting on their first exit call, etc.?
    I see you live here in Tampa, FL also. If you don't mind, contact me with a way to reach you by email or phone.

    Michael Norris
    #54     Mar 16, 2001
  5. GoodMorningMike,


    Your question is about the same as the one you posted on 2/25/01.....and my answer is the same as on my post 2/26/01...

    Let me try to make this simple:

    Site calls for a BUY long on XYZ co. @ 25.00

    I BUY @25.06

    I watch the flow...

    I SELL @25.56...

    Site calls to SELL at @26.06

    XYZ goes to 27.06

    I made 50 cents per share...
    Site made 1 buck per share...
    Site can claim YOU "COULD" HAVE MADE 2 bucks per share...

    SoFar both sites are batting at 94%+ profitable trades...

    I LIKE THAT!!! always,

    GoodInvesting, Rocky

    #55     Mar 17, 2001
  6. U~P~D~A~T~E....

    Both sites are still killing the market (long&short)...

    Now about 96% profitable trades...

    Watch Bulls&Bears on FOX to see Waxie of TheTrendFund... always,

    GoodInvesting, Rocky

    #56     Mar 24, 2001
  7. Jeffrey



    Do you observe these sites to learn how to pick these calls yourself?

    That would be my purpose of following a chat room. To learn consistancy on new strategies. How do you think Tiny picks his Focus lists? I would think it is the same as trying to pick a reversal pattern, and having trigger points in place for either direction the price action takes off. I'm am thinking of swing positions, but his triggers are to take an intra-day swing. In your case, 50 cents.

    Personally, I have observed this site for a trial period. I would like to put my own Focus list together, and give it a try. This will take up the boring times that I experience waiting for much better(point swing) setups.

    I don't use L2, and with this trigger system, it should be no problem grabbing 50 cents.

    To follow up with my first question, If you have a known scanning method to identify this "Focus list" stategy, or an idea how tiny's list is acquired, will you let me now?

    #57     Mar 25, 2001
  8. Jeffrey


    Also, I wanted to point out that Millinium Traders have a 3pt stop loss on everything they call, yet most of their calls turn positive.

    Its hard for me to ever hold if a stock goes 50 cents in the wrong direction. These calls have made 12pts plus all last week. This is without legging in or out of a position.

    Out of 15 calls they may get 1 or 2 losses. With their calculations.

    Is this 3pt. stop loss a somewhat standard practice for daytraders?(Not scalpers)

    #58     Mar 25, 2001
  9. Jeffery

    when I daytrade breakouts. I use a one point stop loss with a dayhold stop and than trail my stop throughout the day when it turns positive. My risk is adjusted by buying less shares

    Risk per trade = (Entry price-minus stop price )* # of shares.

    IF they use a 3 point loss than hopefully they are adjusting risk by having even fewer shares

    #59     Mar 26, 2001
  10. Jeffrey


    Thanks Rtharp:

    They play reversals mostly, not breakouts.

    I use a combination of trend lines, and a variace of fib retracement percentages based on actual price points; Basically determining if the price action is due for a reversal. I recognize how far the price action has run, and how fast. In addition when playing NASDAQ stocks, I also pay attetion to the NDX cash, in particular, along with the OEX to follow reversals of these averages with the same reversal identification criteria. When these match I feel I have the odds in my favor.

    The problem I had with this a chat room is that I feel that these guys know more than I do leading me to break from my individualism to follow(Not that I know more, but that psychological feelings take over). Then when the price action does not go in the direction expected, I get a panic feeling wanting them to hold my hand. Ex: Normally, I would short a stock, and stop out if it moves 40 to 50 cents in the opposite direction, and short again at a higher price level. When following someone elses call I give more room. The price action moves quickly one dollar, and more, where I take a loss right where I should be getting back in if I had followed my own strategy.

    Maybe when, or even if, I get L2 then I will be able to see how they make their calls.

    I noticed calls(breakouts) that didn't that I couldn't understand, and that would be where I could, or would not follow blindly, even if trying for only 50 cents.

    I think that going after 50 cents is good, but for me at this point-without L2, is to small(to much work; commissions).

    Thanks for pointing out Tony Oz's book. I will be ordering it shortly. Do you have a comparison to his latest book?


    #60     Mar 26, 2001
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