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Discussion in 'Trading' started by MichaelNorris, Jan 2, 2001.

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  1. Rocky;

    Curious as to what your results are playing the trades called on Millenium-Traders compared to the results they post at the end of the day. Are you able to come anywhere close to their results with the maximum number of points they show? Since they are calling for an exit in the stock several times, do you scale out of a position with each of the exits they issue? If not how would determine which of the exit calls to go with since you never know if that is the last one or not and in the meantime if you held on and did not get out of the position on an exit call thinking there might be another one coming you have a big loss instead of a big gain, so how do handle that situation yourself?
    #41     Feb 25, 2001
  2. Mike,

    "That" sir, is an EXCELLENT question.....and YOU will get an excellent answer.....Tomorrow....OldFarts go to bed they can LIVE to trade another day!!!!....hehehe

    Up@4AM on puter@6AM....


    ....and a little on the side Don't hurt???? always,

    GoodInvesting, Rocky
    #42     Feb 25, 2001
  3. mjt



    I probably didn't explain it too well. They actually only have one entry and one exit...but when they send out emails at the end of the day, the hypothetical P&L is calculated based on the absolute perfect exit, and not necessarily the one they called in the chatroom.
    #43     Feb 26, 2001
  4. GoodMorning....


    First, Let me say "I DON'T LIKE TO LOSE", I H~A~T~E TO LOSE!!!So I try to cover my B.F.A$$....

    It's all a numbers game (%)....and the answer is make more trades InTheMoney. I try for 90%+!!!

    Don't take the site (any site) as always 100% right....THEY NEVER ARE!!!

    You have to be comfortable with whoever YOU use.

    Hence, my least 3-6 months of following their trades...(all their trades)

    In 1998 I joined a site that had REALlive trades ....when they bought a bell would go off on the puter ...same for when they I knew when to buy and sell.
    2000+210%YTD thru March.....and then they shut down....needless to say, I was very upset!!!

    It's taken almost a year to "just find" a site that has the success of my old site.

    I am still doing DD on both the sites we are talking about so I am NOT making the trades with them YET!....

    No site can ever call the bottom or the top of a YOU have to do it...They call the trade(stock) and YOU have to make it....Know your limitations!!! Don't be a PIG...I would rather make a fast nickel then a slow dime...

    Get a streaming quote system so you can see the flow...and YOU don't have to sell "only" when they do. If you feel good about making only 50 cents a share...punch out at that profit...NumbersGame:

    Say you do 20 round trips a day, on trades of 50 shares a trade, making a profit of 50 cents a share...

    .50 x 50 shares = $25.00 x 20 round trips = $500.00 a day x

    250 days = $125,000.00 a year...NotBad!!!

    Just think, when you have the money to do 75~100~200 shares a trade....well, YOU can see the math!!!!

    I think that just about covers it, but if YOU have more questions....FEEL FREE TO ASK... always,

    GoodInvesting, Rocky
    #44     Feb 26, 2001
  5. bprice


    Hi Rocky,
    Thanks for your replies to us rookies..How is looking? I plan to try the free trial as soon as I get settled with my new broker.Thanks in advance for any updates.
    #45     Feb 28, 2001
  6. bprice,

    Both sites, that I am doing DD on, are way ahead.

    Go to the links I on....sign up for updates and Email from both...FREE...I think you will be HAPPY!!!

    ReRead mjt's post and my last post....The sites can't pick the top or bottom......but you will see the profit spread ....and WE can all make money between the top&bottom...long&short.....if WE are not PIGS!!!! always,

    GoodInvesting, Rocky
    #46     Mar 1, 2001
  7. multiscan


    Before you get too excited, check out his YTD model portfolio
    #47     Mar 6, 2001
  8. multiscan,

    <Before you get too excited, check out his YTD model portfolio>

    Who is his?.....I don't see any model portfolios on either site I am doing DD on.

    TIA always,

    GoodInvesting, Rocky
    #48     Mar 6, 2001
  9. multiscan



    It's in the original post.
    Go to the bottom of the page. Click on "Model Portfolios" (there's also a link on the top of the page but it wasn't very legible on my browser.
    When you get to the model portfolios page, you can select the year by pressing "1999" "2000" or "2001" I don't understand why he says on the 2001 model portfolio "***No stocks have been selected yet in this calendar year." then proceeds to list six trades (five losers/1 winner).

    I must admit I didn't go very deep into this guy's site. I give the guy credit for posting his results, but at first blush, he really does seem like a bull market genius (beat the hell outa my returns) but doesn't have a strategy or the risk control for the market we've had for the last year.
    Maybe he should read van tharp's book, and alan farley's book ;)
    #49     Mar 6, 2001
  10. multiscan,

    Please read post dated (2-23-2001 03:26 PM)

    Your answer is there.....hehehe always,

    GoodInvesting, Rocky

    #50     Mar 6, 2001
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