Dec 2012 coming up, how are you protecting your Capital and Moooney

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by OrangeJuiceUP, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Who really needs any of the Dec 21 2012 prophecy of things going wrong when we got banks and economy in trouble already.

    GDP to debt ratio is an ugly picture
    Profits are down
    Markets are in a low volume limbo
    You got NY fed bank telling Germany that their gold is safe but can't leave United States territory :D
    FED presses are hooked up to giant tank of ink, so they can print overtime and buy US bonds.

    Military and war guys still pushing for their budget, no one got the memo that there is no more easy money.

    Who needs rumors that US military base in Alaska will start a dangerous pole shift experiment around Dec21 that might go horribly wrong (soldier arrested by FBI for calling his mother and telling her) when you got captains of the industry saying things are bad.

    So what say you, how to protect capital, Gold Silver, rare art what else.

    If so in what way?
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    I'm all in long for S&P 1525! You know what they say about Moooney...

  3. That's a most lovely plane and if you play your cards right with gold and silver you just might be able to afford it post collapse