Dec 16, trouble with IB TWS

Discussion in 'Trading' started by plugger, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. plugger


    Anyone else having troubles with the platform?
  2. Explain your trouble.
  3. plugger


    doesn't show positions and am unable to pull up account screen.
  4. I've been in positions all day and right through the FOMC announcement and no problems at all. I am using an older version of TWS... still do not trust the latest one :(
  5. plugger


    also can't enter or alter any orders. doh!
  6. You should downgrade to the previous version. That might solve your problem!

    I'm using 887.5 and it's working great!
  7. plugger


    it's my first problem in a long time and i'm just wondering if it's just me or other people as well. not looking to bash anyone.
  8. I've been having some problems too with the latest version.
    I couldn't open the trades window.
    And when I click a tab in the main screen, they all go messed up.

    So I downgraded and no more problems.

  9. plugger


    Thanks for the suggestion, it just came back for me. Three minutes after the close. Doh!

    Now this is the part where I understand I should denounce IB and complain about all the money they cost me and blah, blah blah. So here goes.......
    #10     Dec 16, 2008