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  1. For the past day or so, when I go to edit a post, when I hit the "save changes" button, I get the following:

    A Runtime Error has occured.
    Do you wish to Debug?

    Line: 131
    Error: Object expected

    If I click on "no" the box goes away and slowly the post goes up.
    If I click on "yes" an editor of somekind comes up...and not being a computer guy, I haven't a clue what it is about.

    Can anyone tell me if this is caused by ET or a problem with my computer? (running XP Home).

    If it's my computer, can I fix something? If so, how?

    Baron, do you make housecalls? If you do, can I take your Viper for a spin while you tinker with my laptop? I will fill your gas tank twice..the second time so I can return the car on full. The first time so I have enough gas to see what that baby can reallly do. I figure two or three full throttle zeros to 100 should use one tank.

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    Have you recently installed any Microsoft .net development tools on your system? Somebody told me the other day that doing that caused all sorts of erros to pop up on a variety of sites.

    Of course! I'll just be sure to include the "company car" rental onto your laptop repair bill. :D
  3. From the internet explorer menu, choose Tools, Internet Options, Advanced (the far right tab), Check "Disable Script debugging"

    It comes unchecked from time to time so you have to do this periodically.
  4. thanks guys...I will try Tripak's solution first.

    if that doesn't work, then Baron, gas up the beast and call the AAA for directions to Boca!!

    and "no" on the development tools...although I have been having a hard time trying to get to stop popping up whenever I launch Outlook Express....this is a new problem for me. Luckily I will be seeing my friend the computer genius this weekend (no Viper), so I will ask him about that. seems like too much of a coincidence given what you have said.

    EDIT: Tripack was right...the box was unchecked. Now for the "test"...

    EDIT #2: Success!! I also see that the "default" settings have the box checked.

    I always knew Tripack was THE MAN!!!! (the Gems series was proof for ME:) )

    Thanks again both of you!

    Now I need to find another excuse for the "house call".

  5. It appears it could be because I have a development software package installed. Once you have one of those, the slightest javascript error on any site will cause your computer to pop up error messages.

    A lot of less computer savvy people often think it is their end.

    Next time I encounter it, I'll write it down and see what's causing it to happen.
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  7. Ok, here's the problem.

    The sourcecode for line 131 is as follows:

    form enctype="multipart/form-data" name="vbform" action="editpost.php" method="post" onSubmit="return validate(this)"

    However, there is no javascript function called "validate" before this function is called.

    Therefore, it is producing an error on a submit when someone edits a post.

    There is no reference to a "validate" on a normal new submission -- so no error there. I won't get an error when I submit this, because the submit button doesn't make a call to a non-existent validate function (an object in the eyes of javascript). However, if I go back and edit this post, there is suddenly a call to the nonexistent validate function.

    This is on ET's side. You could probably drop the reference to validate in the "editpost.php" file and eliminate the problem altogether.
  8. Aphie,

    It's a very good thing for guys like me that there are guys like you!!

  9. Thank you :)
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