Debtors Prison is coming back ....

Discussion in 'Economics' started by hippie, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. jprad


    Free rent and 3 squares a day, all paid for by taxpayers over a measly $300.

    Yet Mozillo still walks free...
  2. Quantlee


    If this is true. Looks like some judges are going to be removed.
  3. GTG


    I wonder if there might be a little more to the story. I'm no lawyer but I think I've heard that In certain specific cases not paying a debt is essentially committing fraud.
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  5. jem


    It seems people are going to jail for not showing up in court or not complying with court orders.

    That is not new.
  6. maxpi


    Default early and often!! Do it now before they become more draconian!! Oh, and use your credit to buy hard assetts too, the Federal Guv is going to inflate their way out of the hole, might as well go along for the ride!!
  7. Didnt you hear? Credit cards are now adjustable rates. For instance...if your credit card was 20% before, now its Prime + 16.75%. You should've got a letter from your credit cards a few months ago letting you know this.
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    When they send you that letter you just call and demand a good fixed rate. I got a letter raising my rate to 19%. After a 15-minute phone call my new rate is 7.75%.

    You don't have to accept the new high rate. Just tell them to give you a better rate or close your account and find a new one.
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