Debt To Top $20 Trillion If Obama Re-Elected

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Aug 24, 2012.

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    The democrats are vastly overspending the nation's resources. Yearly spending has gone up from $850 billion a year to $2.3 trillion according to Bloomberg today. This is exactly what that Socialist fool Blair did in the UK, overspent then over borrowed and spent that too.

    The left wing parties have done that same mistake in every country they have ever been controlling - Spain, Greece, Portugal etc. etc.

    It's not just incompetence - it seems to be hard wired into their brains.
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    It's vote buying. And, let the next guy deal with it.
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    What else can a politician in a democratic system do?

    He or she can either adopt wildly unpopular austerity measures and be voted out of office or buy into the spending frenzy. There is no other outcome possible in democracy. Once the masses realize they can vote themselves bread and circuses it is all over and we have unfortunately reached that point.
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    The country is bankrupt.
    The dollar will cease to exist; it's just a matter of when.
    So, what's it really matter at this point?
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    Most is all already cast in stone. Unless something is passed to stop the spending it just keeps going. The Senate won't even pass a budget so the people can't easily see what they have done.

    Of course, Odumbo wants another $300 billion stimulus bill which he won't get.
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    All this QE and other stimulants is like giving viagra and steroids to a sick person imho